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I was born in 1935 and grew up in the Fox River Valley in Wisconsin. A Korean War veteran, I joined the Marines, served in the far-east, was discharged, returned home and was married before I became twenty-one. I married my wife Rachel in 1956 and began working as an architectural draftsman before starting college at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh. We moved to Iowa in 1959 where I graduated from Iowa State University in 1962 with a Degree in Industrial Administration and Architecture. Rachel and our four children then moved to St. Louis, Missouri where I began a thirty-four year career at McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, (MAC), later to become McDonnell Douglas Corporation and now a part of Boeing. During my years at MAC I worked on design, proposals, funding allocation and implementation of facilities for the Engineering Laboratories, Mercury and Gemini Space Programs, F-4, F-15, AV-8B and F-18 Aircraft, Flight Simulation, Manufacturing and many other programs. I had a top-secret clearance and managed a facility department for Advanced Programs, (Phantom Works), including the construction of several secure program buildings at St. Louis and on both coasts. My “hobbies” over the years, include artwork; painting, sculpture, reading, writing, genealogical research and collecting artwork. (I published four family genealogies and have an extensive collection of vintage artwork.)
In the mid-nineteen seventies I began writing a book; A Grandfather’s Dream of Fair Women. The research on this book had started years earlier and for ten years my wife Rachel accompanied me to the St. Louis Public Library on Monday nights, when the library was open until 9 PM, to review and document illustrator's work. This was before the internet era and we documented the artist's work from the covers and interiors of thousands of periodicals at the library.
After retirement we moved to the lake of the Ozarks where I joined The Lake of the Ozarks Writers Guild, became president, and served as a vice president and secretary of the Lake Arts Council. I published A Grandfather's Dream in 2010 and then began working on The Life and Works of Charles Twelvetrees, artist. Our large collection of Twelvetrees' work gathered over a couple decades became the impetus for the recently completed book.