Robert William Mellberg's Published Works


A Grandfather's DREAM of FAIR WOMEN


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A Grandfather's Dream of Fair Women contains the stories of 22 American illustrators that created the "Ideal American Girl" from the 1890s until the 1930s.  The result of nearly 50 years of research, the book documents the personal lives and careers of a group of well-known and some lesser known artists that adorned books, magazines, prints, calendars, postcards and advertising with their version of an Ideal Girl.  Their artistic images were delineated in different styles and the subjects often guided the fashions of the day.   Hundreds of colorful images reveal the awesome talent of artists such as Charles Dana Gibson, Harrison Fisher, Howard Chandler Christy, Neysa McMein and many others. The book reflects not only the work created by these artists, but also reveals personal stories about their lives, marriages, divorces, families, affairs with models, suicides, and some very interesting reading.



The Life and Works of
Charles H. Twelvetrees

My 259 page book corrects many errors on the internet about the life and career of Charles H. Twelvetrees. The result of several years of research, it documents his personal life as well as his career and shows thousands of images from an illustrating career that encompassed more than fifty years as an illustrator of mischievous children. His work was published in magazines and newspapers, on postcards, blotters, calendars, prints, valentines and advertising media. Check it out... you will find it informative and you will also enjoy the colorful illustrations.